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Modern Bunker Construction
Golf Course Drainage Construction
Irrigation On Golf Course
Sodding Around a Bunker

Forward Tees, Elevate and Reshape

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Efficient Irrigation Is Key

Re-Grassing and Grass Removal

Today We Have Two Types of Renovation Projects


Some Of It - OR - All Of It


Some Of It . . . Renovations are all about fixing or upgrading a specific problem or issue with an aging course. Typically, they fall into one of SIX major categories:


                                     Tees                                 Greens                          Bunkers 

                                     Drainage                         Irrigation                     Re-Grassing


Any of these can make a huge difference to a course and all of them can be done on a case by case basis.  Occasionally, they may be combined together where it makes both financial and construction sense to undertake two or more at one time.


All Of It . . . In the USA, building brand new courses is virtually at a stand-still - Or is it?  The most prevalent renovation today is the "Whole Course" demolition and subsequent total re-design, re-build and sometimes re-routing of the entire course. This is virtually the same as building a new golf course and in many cases, it is the most efficient method to update a course that has seriously aged in below ground infrastructure and could use a modern design tailored to the demographic who will be playing the course. This is especially true for some of our older private country clubs.


Superior Golf Concepts is uniquely qualified to handle both of these types of renovations - Including "Flood-Proofing" a course for future natural disasters. We are small enough to respond to the single purpose of a targeted renovation for a club trying to solve an issue. Yet, with multiple "Total Renovation" projects and by working with some of the world's greatest Architects, we have become a go-to staple for those who appreciate our commitment to excellence.